You are blessed to be a blessing.

Everytime I make a prayer and ask God’s blessings, I always try to look for valid reasons that why do God have to bless me.

The minute I ask myself that question then I discover that when you are blessed you become a blessing. Not only for your family but for everyone that may need your help in the community.

You don’t need millions to be a blessing. You need to be a public figure or to be famous.

What does it mean to be a blessing?

To be a blessing is to do what you can do to make life to be good for others, So that God can be honored by your life. The bottom line is, We can all be blessings!

3 simple ways of being blessing

1. Help anyone who is in need- You can help by giving clothes you no longer wear or food.

2.Volonteer- Give back to the community by volunteering your time and your skills.

3.Donate to charity – Help those who are in need by money to your favorite charity. Even if you don’t have money you can help by donating clothing to your local Salvation Army, Schools or Shelters.

My aim here is to advise everyone including myself that we are blessed to be blessings!! #Spreadlove#Spreadhope#Spreadlight#Stayblessed!

Kindness is a sign of being content.

Kindness is everything. It simplifies our lives and boost our confidence. Like Muhammad said “kindness is a mark of faith, who ever is not has no faith.

There was a time in my life where I was in a dark place. I was miserable and I was such a nagative person. The reason why I was like that is because I did not have inner peace. You can not be kind if you’re not happy and content within.

I was looking for happiness in wrong things and wrong people. It took alot of soul searching for me to understand that peace and joy are found in believing as Joyce Mayer said. Some people don’t understand the importance of kindness because they’re not kind with themselves firstly. They are complicated and miserable. When you being kind to them they take advantage of that and bully you, use you and disrespect you. But, you don’t have to stop being kind because of people who need alot of help and prayers.

Do not allow people’s behavior to change you into someone you’re not. As I said kindness is a sign of being content and is a sign of being confident. Be true to yourself. Stay kind to yourself and spread love and light only. That’s the only thing that will keep you winning in life.

Keep it moving!!!

Sometimes friends and family members distance themselves from you without a valid reason.

That’s when you realise that you’re actually doing great. Not everyone will like you when you are becoming better than them. Even those who thought were better than you will hate to see that your light is now shining brightly and it is starting to dim their shine.

Do not worry about people who keep a distance from you for no reason. Sometimes some things are better left alone for the sake of your own sanity.

This is a wake up call that you don’t really need these people in your life. Learn to be on your own and keep doing your own thing. You don’t need approval from your friends and family to live your own life and to chase your dreams.

Self love starts with letting go of toxic relationships in your life and clean out your space sothat your energy doesn’t go to waste.

#love yourself #let bygones be bygones #let go of toxic relationships # keep it moving!!!

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